Eugene is 8 years-old & is currently in 1st grade at Mercy School. He came to live at Mercy Children’s Home in June 2017 & his cousin Emmanuel came a week later. Eugene was one of the many street boys we had been ministering to & seemed to be one of the hardest cases. He was abandoned by his mother & father & has lived on the streets most of his life. He does not remember ever not living on the streets (until now!).  He was always high on glue (many of the street boys sniff glue to alleviate hunger pains & the cold at night) & was very loud & defiant. He also speaks almost no English. Over time, he seemed to soften & began to seem really interested in going to school. After much prayer & discussion, we decided to take a chance on bringing Eugene home to MCH. Since then, Eugene has really begun to blossom! He is learning responsibility & how to do chores. He is learning to follow rules & is doing well in school. In fact, getting an education is one of Eugene’s favorite parts of living at MCH. His favorite color is white & his favorite food is chips kuku (french fries & chicken) along with soda. Please consider sponsoring Eugene or one of the other kiddos of Mercy Children’s Home. Together we can change their story!


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